koha-US is a non-profit organization and user group for US based libraries and organizations using Koha. Our mission is to unite libraries through collaboration, education, and innovation.

Through koha-US, users can work together to collaborate and educate either by sharing their experiences and workflows with others on the koha-us website, or by participating through mentorship.

koha-US will help connect libraries to mentor libraries that serve as a personal connection for asking questions in their journey into Koha.

koha-US is coordinating and focusing funds to help advance bug fixes and enhancements that are important to the members.

Communicate, Educate, and Collaborate. As our membership and leadership evolves, these core elements define the purpose of koha-US: all in the effort of strengthening involvement with the global Koha community. Our members and volunteer leadership make this possible. Learn more about koha-US as an organization, and get to know the members and leaders involved in koha-US at koha-us.org.