KohaCon 2018 Schedule

The 2018 KohaCon Schedule

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Day 1 Monday - September 10

9:00am Opening Remarks

9:30am Keynote - Stephanie Chase Library Director, Hillsboro Public Library Portland, Oregon

10:15am Using Course Reserves in a Public Library to manage displays! - Ed Veal Librarian Supervisor at McKinney Public Library, McKinney Texas

10:45am Break

11:00am iLL is going Viral - Janet McGowan, Jonathan Fieldand and Andrew Isherwood PTFS Europe

11:45am The MEGamenu! Crafting a new-item browsing aid for the patron catalog - Jason Robb SEKnFind Coordinator, SEKLS Iola, Kansas

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm A Functional Pathway from Millennium to Koha - Christopher Todd, Cataloging and Systems Librarian, University of Pittsburgh Barco Law Library

2:00pm Pluggability and Extensibility - Nick Clemens, Sonic Screwdriver ByWater Solutions

2:30pm I am tron, I fight for the users (and other pop-culture lessons for participating in the koha community) - Nick Clemens, Sonic Screwdriver ByWater Solutions

2:45pm Snack

3:00pm Untold Tales of Koha - Chris Cormack, Technical Lead Koha Team Catalyst IT

3:30pm EDI - You can do it (US experience) - Rhonda Kuiper, Collection Development & Technical Services Manager, Round Rock Public Library

4:15pm koha-US Monthly General Meeting (Open to All) - Christopher Brannon koha-US President and George Williams koha-US Vice President

5:00pm Closing

Day 2 Tuesday - September 11

9:00am Leveraging Open Source Library Guides: Integrating Koha and SubjectsPlus - Myka Kennedy Stephens, Seminary Librarian and Assistant Professor of Theological Bibliography, Lancaster Theological Seminary

9:45am How to handle closed stacks communication with Koha ? - Sonia Bouis, Manager of the documentary applications service, Lyon 3 University

10:15am What's New With Koha and EBSCO - David Podboy Principal Library Services Engineer, EBSCO Information Services

10:45am Snack Break

11:00am How to keep the bugs out - Katrin Fischer System librarian / IT Coordinator Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg

11:45am Updating Koha to 18.05 running Elasticsearch in production in a multiscript context: feedback from a French Academic library - Séverine Queune, BULAC

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm SEKnFind: Ten years, forty-six libraries, one Koha installation, - Jason Robb SEKnFind Coordinator, SEKLS Iola, Kansas

2:00pm Honey on the Wire - Joy Nelson, Vice President Implementations ByWater Solutions

2:45pm Snack

3:00pm Koha, linked data, wikidata - Paul Poulain, Associé-gérant / co-owner BibLibre

3:30pm Data Driven Decision Making - Spencer Smith Library Director McKinney Public Library

4:15pm Koha Usage in Large and Branched Libraries, Mengu Yazicioglu, Devinim

4:45pm Fun Game Show Time

5:15pm CLOSE - Brendan Gallagher and Nate Curulla

Day 3 Wednesday - September 12

9:00am Koha Implementations in Parliamentary and others libraries: An Experience from Pakistan - Sher Afzal Khan, Air University

9:30am Getting started with collection finances in Koha - John Sterbenz, University of Michigan Kresge Library Services

10:00am Document all the things! AKA Not in the manual? You can change that! AKA This Sphinx is not talking in riddles! - Katrin Fischer System librarian / IT Coordinator Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg and Chris Cormack, Technical Lead KOha Team Catalyst IT

10:30am Koha on the Go: Establishing a Bike Library and Other Unique Collections - Bill Carroll, Deb Stephenson, Michelle Oberhoffer, Carnegie-Stout Public Library and Andrew Fuerste-Henry, ByWater Solutions

11:00am Snack break

11:15am Better Koha through networking - Hans Pålsson, Kristianstad University Learning Resource Center

11:45am Koha as supportable software - Barton Chittenden, Support Lead, ByWater Solutions

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Koha, me and the German union catalogue makes three - Claire Gravely, BSZ

2:00pm User Group Breakout Sessions

2:45pm Snack Break

3:00pm Koha, open source and a modular systems architecture: the case of Stockholm University Library - Andreas Hedström Mace, Stockholm University Library

3:30pm koha-US: Past, Present and Future - Robin Hastings, NEKLS, Christopher Brannon, CIN, George Williams, NEKLS, John Sterbenz, University of Michigan Kresge Library Services

4:15pm Koha Coral Integration - Matthias Meusburger, BibLibre

4:45pm Ending Comments and Closure

Day 4 Thursday - September 13

Cultural Day

Click here for Cultural Day Information!

Day 5-7 HackFest - September 14-16

Hackfest sessions will start around 9:00 - 9:30 am and will wrap up late afternoon. There will be plenty of breaks for coffee, snacks and mingling.